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Tel: +971 4 267 9594

Fax: +971 4 267 9593

Al Nahda 2, Al Qusais

Dubai, UAE

History of Al Salam

‘Salam’ means ‘peace’ in Arabic. 

The edict of the School is where every child is special”.

This is embedded into the ethos of the school and a fundamental belief we inculcate in our staff and students.  Diversity, tolerance and inclusion underpin the importance of celebrating individuality and a collective sense of purpose.  These values fit very well into that of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.  It is reflected in all Al Salam has achieved in showing care and commitment for over 30 years in Dubai as well as all it strives to achieve in the future.


Al Salam School began as a nursery in 1985 and three years later, Al Salam Private School was established.  The location of the school changed as it grew and larger sites were used to accommodate the growing numbers.  Al Salam operated in the historic communities of Dubai, Al Rigga, to Al Muteena and later Hor Al Anz through to its current site in Al Nahda 2.

The current site is built on 3 floors and is innovative in its use of its space given the challenges of being located in such an historic and well-developed area of Dubai.  Set in 17,000m2, facilities include a new multi-purpose gym and a rooftop playground akin to the high standards of other urban school settings in other international cities such as New York.

The school is comprised of an international body of highly qualified and experienced staff and enjoys a community of students from around the world. We are dedicated to the positive growth of all our students- intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Al Salam School follows the English National Curriculum in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Thereafter it provides the Cambridge International Curriculum (CIPP and CIE) adapted where possible to better suit the learning environment that is unique to the U.A.E. Our curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and meet the developmental stages of the students. We expect our students to do their best within their capabilities.

For nearly ten years, Al Salam Private School has been an approved and accredited IGCSE and IAS/IAL School.  Our curriculum takes into account various types of education and learning styles. The goal of our curriculum is to encourage students to be empathetic, responsible and capable of critical thinking, analytical thought and independent reasoning.

Regular internal and external (international) benchmarking and checkpoint assessments ensure every child makes progress and early intervention is provided as well as challenge for all students.

All statutory requirements are met with the Ministry of Education in ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum both in the classroom and beyond.  Al Salam promotes digital literacy with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy along with facilities such as science laboratories, computer laboratories, and music and art rooms to provide a wider aesthetic understanding for each student.

Extracurricular activities and clubs such as Karate, Ballet, Table tennis, Chess, Drama, Music, Art, Gymnastics, Football, etc. are held after school.  In addition, support is provided with a highly effective SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Department and exceptional pastoral care to provide a safe climate for learning.  Al Salam has qualified school counsellors and healthcare personnel on site as well.

Results have been consistently outstanding, with GCSE results of A*-C averaging 99.6% from 2009 to 2016 inclusive; compared to a UK average of 68.5%. A*-A grades have averaged 69.2% over the same time period; compared to a UK average of 21.5%.  Individual students have had exceptional success including highest attainment in a subject locally and internationally as recognised by the Cambridge University International Examination Board.

This success puts a huge challenge for demand.  Despite expansion to the current site, the demand exists to this day with all curriculum years fully subscribed and waiting lists ranging from 30% to more than 100% of specific year group cohorts.

With over 30 years of expertise, Al Salam School is a pearl in the heart of historic Dubai and a great example of a school that reflects both the legacy and ambition of the UAE.