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Tel: +971 4 267 9594

Fax: +971 4 267 9593

Al Nahda 2, Al Qusais

Dubai, UAE

Welcome from the Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Al Salam Private School & Nursery.  A very successful British International Curriculum School set at the edge of historic Dubai.

It is a real honour and privilege as well as a tremendous responsibility to become the first Principal to succeed the Founder, Mrs Sue Johnston, who has committed to making Al Salam such a high achieving and diverse organisation over the past 30 years.

About Al Salam

Al Salam has had several achievements and milestones making it a cornerstone of the ambitious journey of education in Dubai taken thus far.  I hope to build on this for the decades to come.  With just under 1300 students from Nursery to Sixth Form and waiting lists in all years, and over 250 dedicated staff, many of whom have had more than 10 years’ service to Al Salam, it is truly exceptional.

The ethos where ‘Every Child is Special’ is very evident and indeed I would extend this to the wider Al Salam community by insisting ‘where every person is special’ including all Staff and all Parents and family members as well.  We care for all members of the Al Salam community and this is evidenced by the second generation of students attending Al Salam, a rare feat in Dubai.  This is reciprocated by our contributions to the growth of Dubai and the UAE and being fully immersed in all the positive initiatives of the KHDA and the UAE.

Our commitment to ensure every child becomes a ‘lifelong learner’ is never more relevant than in this era of digital advancement, whereby skills and character are to be valued alongside academic achievement.  The preparation for future studies, work and making a positive contribution to society underpins all that is Al Salam.

As noted by others, the achievements of Al Salam have often been underplayed but this article proves the excellence of Al Salam:

The traditions and legacy of Al Salam established over three decades is something to be cherished and yet Al Salam is at the forefront of the latest developments in education both regionally and internationally.


About myself

I was born in a small market town in the south of England almost equidistant from Cambridge and Oxford and had all my schooling in an even smaller town surrounded by many agricultural villages.

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1999, with a BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering.  After undergoing training to work in the Oil and Gas sector, I began a career in Finance and trained as a Chartered Accountant.  It was during this time that I became a volunteer teacher at a weekend supplementary school in West London, where my passion for teaching began.

Consequently, I successfully undertook a PGCE at the University of Cambridge, with my focus in Secondary Mathematics in 2002-03.  I have spent more than 12 years working in schools across the north of England.  Three years into my teaching, I received an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award by the Local Authority for my work on e-learning and three years later, I was acknowledged as one of the leading accelerated educators in England.

Subsequently, I had rapid promotion to senior leadership, becoming Vice Principal of two Secondary Schools and Principal of a new Primary School project.  I have worked in school improvement for more than a decade, leading initiatives to improve the life opportunities for hundreds of children, enhance school outcomes and facilitate improved inspection ratings including to ‘Outstanding’ on both departmental curriculum level and whole school level.

I qualified as a Principal (NPQH) in the UK in 2015 and obtained my MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Nottingham recently.    I relocated to the UAE, with my wife, a Medical Director & Family Medicine Consultant, and our young son in summer 2015.

Prior to becoming approved by the KHDA to become Principal, I worked as an advisor and mentor over the past few terms in the UAE.  I was also the author of the chapter ‘Education in the UAE: An overview’ as part of the book titled ‘Education in the Arab World’ published by Bloomsbury in summer 2017.

I thank you once again for your time and welcome you wholeheartedly to visit our website and provide any feedback via