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Tel: +971 4 267 9594

Fax: +971 4 267 9593

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Dubai, UAE

PALS (Parents of Al Salam)

PALS (Parents of Al Salam)

What does a Parent Association do?

• PALS work with the Principal and the school Leadership to build effective cooperation and partnership between home and school.

• PALS should promote the goals of the school by creating a neutral social and cultural community.

• They should aim at creating a programme of social activities for parents with consultation and in accordance with the Headmistress and Management Team.

• PALS is meant to be set up as a community service and any Parents are a welcome addition regardless of professional qualifications.

What the Parents Association does not do?

• PALS is not a forum for complaints.

• All school concerns can be addressed though an appointment with respective Coordinators or at the Parent-Teacher Meetings.

• Children should not be distracted from their normal school day activities.

• The PALS resources should be acquired by independent means and the school will only be available to help to a certain extent.

• During the week, the school facilities are in use every day. However, permission can be given to use them on Saturdays or after school. Please inform the school a minimum of 5 working days in advance for use of school facilities.

• Just like the children, our school staff cannot be pulled out from class as resources during the school day.

Objectives of PALS

1. To organize social events for new parents, to help integrate them into the school

2. To establish a basis of information for new parents in the school and/or the country

3. To enable children to socialize outside school hours and the school environment

4. To strengthen the link and social interaction between Al Salam students and parents

5. To broaden the knowledge of the variety of socio-cultural and environmental activities available within the community and to organize events to raise awareness of the same

6. To organize Inaugural events for new students and parents to the school

7. To arrange talks on topics of interest for parents


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